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Sodo MH5 Comfortable Headphones/Bluetooth Speakers

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Product Overview

The SODO MH5 Headphone pack a powerful sound in headphone mode, but then become the life up the party when you twist the earpieces outward, revealing they are also bluetooth speakers! Perfect for students, hanging out with friends, or anything! Why have one device when you can have 2? 

With a quick charge battery that can support 8 hours in earphone mode or 3 hours in rich external bluetooth stereo sound, you've got your whole day ahead of you!

With a sleek modern design and high quality, comfortable ear padding, this is a premium product at a perfect price. Level up your headphone game with a 2 way player- the SODO MH5 at Markit10.

Comes with headphones/bt speakers, zip up hard case, aux cord and usb charging cable.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review